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The One Thing You Must Do For Yourself Now

Spend time WITH yourself not just BY yourself. There is a difference. BY yourself means doing things on your own; independently. WITH yourself would mean that you are actually WITH yourself. You are getting to know yourself and understanding yourself. How do you spend time WITH yourself and not just BY yourself? One way is by practicing mindful sitting. I think most of us are “busy bees” we like to keep busy and tire ourselves out until we are exhausted and ready for a glass of wine, or beer, or simply ready to go to bed. We keep ourselves busy to distract our thoughts and avoid our feelings. If we have nothing to physically do then we distract ourselves by turning on the tv, pulling out our phone and log into social media or watch cute animal videos to make us feel good (in my case orangutan videos).What about sitting or walking with yourself? A lot of people have a difficult time with this. (I’m still struggling a bit with this. I’ve been practicing mindful sitting every morning for…

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